Fan Films

Where is the World is Carmen Sandiego?

        Created by Influence Films.

This fan film is based on the 'Carmen Sandiego' line of computer games. The world-renowned thief Carmen Sandiego has, with the help of her V.I.L.E. henchmen been stealing various items all over the world and it's up to the new ACME Detective Agency sleuth, David Carlston to get them back. Like the computer games, this fan film attempts to build up knowledge of geography and world culture while offering entertainment. Enjoy!

Don't forget to stick around after the film and watch the bloopers during the ending credits!


Where The F*ck Is Carmen Sandiego?

        A College Humor original.

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The Fan-favorite, but mature-rated, film by College Humor.


Your Fan-Films Here

If you would like to have your fan-films displayed at VILE Headquarters there are a few guidelines that must be followed:
  • They must be uploaded to youtube or another simlar streaming video service as we will not host them.
  • The title images MUST NOT include anything that is not appropriate for small children.
  • If content is considered mature, you must have a disclaimer for it.
  • A small descripton of the video should be submitted with it (otherise we will write one, and you will not like it).

Once these guidelines are met, all you have to do is send an email with a link to

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