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Incoming Message from Agent Mayhem:

It seems Carmen's gang have become so over-confident in their abilities to pull off grand scale heists that hit the news, that they've started up their own "VILE Press" News Group, where they take photos and videos of there latest thefts and recruitment meetings, then post them on the internet laced with clues and insinuations as to where they'll strike next.

This sort of audacious and irreverent behavior towards the law must be stopped! You can be assured gumshoes, that we at ACME are keeping a close eye on Carmen's most popular "journalists" and "photographers".

Here's what we've received about this "media mockery" game:


V.I.L.E. Sightings


Criminal Dossiers

The Original 10

Carmen's Original Ten V.I.L.E. members from the "Where in the World" Game Show series:
  1. Vic the Slick
  2. Double Trouble
  3. Patty Larceny
  4. The Contessa
  5. Robocrook
  1. Sarah Nade
  2. Eartha Brute
  3. Top Grunge
  4. Wonder Rat
  5. Kneemoi

Con(vention) Artists

New V.I.L.E. Member's brought in through Convention recruitment efforts:
  1. Flag
  2. Kefka
  3. Ifrit
  4. Harley
  5. Gannon
  1. Gabranth
  2. Ms. Inform
  3. Phil M. Critic
  4. Flash F. Otto
  5. Spazz N. Panic